How to Boost Dispensary Sales and Prepare for 4/20

You can try and grow as much weed as physically possible and still some how be looking for ways to boost your dispensary sales. Illinois has sure worked hard to earn that $1billion in cannabis sales in 2020. 

You can spend a lot of money and man hours producing and advertising to your biggest critic. You can set up shop in the best neighborhood and target perfect locations and still struggle to sway the skeptics.

Truth be told, most of the money to be made in the cannabis industry doesn't involve producing any cannabis! Accessories and services are ways to boost income and organic marketing in your cannabis business with no risk or large investment.

High Notes are the perfect example of a low cost tool to reach new clients and increase dispensary revenue. High Note is a sweet and simple card that helps give the gift of cannabis.

Most consumers are introduced to cannabis by a friend. It is what seems most comfortable and trusted in this new experience. High Notes provide a cute and classy way to gift dispensary products to a friend or loved one. 

Boost your sales instantly by ordering High Note Cards to sell in your dispensary or boutique. Check out all the incredible designs and learn more about the $8Billion Greeting Card Industry at 

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